iPhone/Android smartphone got wet & display not working

iphone android tricks,wet smartphoneHere I will explain on how to get back a wet smartphone in to normal working condition.This blog post is just to share my experience.I had a similar situation last week,my android smartphone Xperia P got wet and its display went to non working condition.I will share the details on what I had done to get back my smartphone in to working condition :

  1. Switch off the phone immediately when you find it wet.
  2. Never try to switch it on
  3. Remove the battery if it is possible, not applicable for iPhones and other high end android smartphones.Also remove the sim card and memory cards.
  4. Use a clean towel to wipe out any trace of water in the visible area of the smartphone
  5. Never plug in any power device or try to switch on as it will short circuit and it increases the chances of missing your phone.
  6. Now take a bowl full of Rice and dip the smartphone inside,make sure all the portions of the smartphone is covered with rice.
  7. Cover the usb,hdmi and charging ports in order to avoid rice particles getting in.
  8. Leave it intact for 24 hours and your phone will be in working condition.
  9. Never use any drier or oven to dry the smartphone as it will cause damage.

This method went working for me.My phone was wet due to heavy rain and I followed the steps described above and I was able to get back my smartphone in to working condition within 15 hours.
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