How to make unlimited free calls to any number worldwide

How to make unlimited free calls to any number worldwide?.If you are in search of something like this we will share you two websites which allows free calling to any number either mobile or landline worldwide.The first website given here requires a headphone with mic whereas the second one has no such requirements.

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The detailed information about making free calls from both websites is given below:

This website provides free calling to any number without registration.This requires a headphone with mic and the number will be shown like +1234..Call2Friends has got some time limits for free calls which can be found from their website.For example the limit for calls to India is 1 minute(60 seconds).Also it has got restrictions for free calls,that is you can only make 1 free call per day.To overcome this restriction we will provide simple trick :

Trick to get unlimited free calls in

Initially they will provide 1 free call per day and for more calls either you will have to wait or pay.We will give you a simple trick that is perfectly working to get unlimited calls.After making the first free call,clear your web browsing history and cache.Then turn off your modem.Now you are done,turn on the modem and enjoy another free call.This can be repeated unlimited number of times.Now you can enjoy unlimited number of free calls with time limit.

This website does not  require any headphone or mic.A working internet connection is the only requirement.You will have to register or login using your FB account.Both the numbers i.e the number to be called and the number from which the call is to be provided should be given.When we dial a call will be made to the first number and it is connected to the second number as you will clearly understand when you make a call.
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