How to download torrent files using IDM Internet Download manager ?

Latest trick to download torrent files using Internet Download Manager(IDM).We are all familiar with torrent files and Internet Download Manager,as we use the former to download our favorite music and movies and the latter one of the best download manager.I will explain about the method to use IDM to download torrent files.Using IDM to download torrent files will speed up the overall download process.Even the torrents with low seeders or leeches can be downloaded at higher download speeds.This process is done with a website namely,earlier another website namely provided this option and its unavailable at present.There is another website which also provides the same facility but here I prefer

The method in detail is given below step by step:
How to download torrent files using IDM Internet Download manager,download torrent files in high speed,download torrent files using Internet Download Manager1.Browse and download the desired torrent file from any torrent sites such as or or any other site
2.Then Go to,you can find two options there one to paste the torrent link and the other to upload the torrent file
3.Then click on upload torrent file option.And upload the torrent file that you saved to your computer in the first step
4.Then click on the 'Go' button and select the option to continue as free user.
5.Wait a while until they create a cache of the torrent file
6.Then click on the 'Zip torrent' option which will be  found on the right side after the cache has been created.
7.After the zipping process is complete,click on the same button (i.e 'Zip' button)
8.Select the option to continue as a free user and download the torrent file with high speed using Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other download manager(accelerator)
This process is working fine for me and I use it to download torrent files using IDM with high speed.Its a simple process just try by yourself and If you still have any doubt comment it below.


  1. AFROZ ALAM18:10

    How to download using Bitlet?
    write the procedure step by step and email me
    thanks for sharing....


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