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Airtel puk code,How to find puk code of Airtel sim card?How to find puk code of Airtel sim card?PUK code comes to the scene when your sim card is blocked due to wrong pin entry three times in a row.When the sim card is blocked you should enter the PUK code for the sim card which is a unique code and its given by the network operator.Entering the wrong PUK code will permanently lock your sim card.So never try to guess the PUK code.We will provide you the methods to get the PUK code of your Airtel sim card.We had already posted one method,this post is an updated format of the last which we made nearly two years back in 2010.The below  method is for Kerala and some other states.Type your mobile no. and send it to 785.You will receive the PUK code and Pin code of the required Airtel sim card.This message can be sent from any Airtel sim card.If the above method is not working in you state then type PUK space your mobile no. and send it to 121.These two methods are working in most of the states.If both the methods are not working in your state then call Airtel customer care from any other Airtel sim card.After inquiring your details and sim number,Airtel customer care will provide you with the PUK code of you Airtel sim card.There is one more method to find PUK code of your Airtel sim card if it is a new one.Take the pack in which you received the sim card.PUK code of the sim card will be written there along with sim no. and all.Share this to your buddies.


puk 9597552329

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puk 9995886645

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Mobile no 9892955457

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Puk 8826157641

Jatin Kumar
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hi sir, m airtel prepaid sim user, my sim was blocked got my PUK. But after entering my PUK n PIN (1234), it is showing CODE ERROR, and unfortunately I have only last attempt left. How can I get out of it without losing my contacts ?

rajpal kathait
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plsssss rply

rajpal kathait
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puk 9701174102

Rajesh yadav
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PUK 9994706590

Ar Jun
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