Trick to get Airtel internet 3g at 2g charges

Trick to get Airtel internet 3g at 2g charges,airtel internet 3g hack,airtel internet 3g at normal 2g gprs plansAirtel internet 3g is now available at normal 2g gprs charges by following this simple trick.If you are looking for a trick to reduce the costly plans of Airtel internet 3g,then you are in the right place.I will explain this trick in detail.First of all you need to recharge with Rs8,which gives you 10mb Airtel internet 3g usage with a validity of 1 day.Now Recharge with any of the normal 2g gprs plans in Airtel,you can access the whole data with 3g speed.You should make this recharge before the validity of Rs8 plan ends.For this you must have a 3g compatible handset and 3g network availability in your area or you will not be able to enjoy 3g data speeds.Keep in mind that this trick will not work with unlimited gprs plans in Airtel.Airtel internet 3g has a download speed above 150kbps,be careful when you are downloading big files your gprs data balance will be over within minutes and rest will be highly chargeable.To avoid this problem it is better that you try this trick at low balance so that you will not loose your money for post free data usages.To know more about Airtel gprs plans and activation methods read my previous post.If you find this information helpful,then remember to share this and subscribe to get latest tricks in your mailbox


  1. Worked for me for 2 days at nearly 180kbps. Then reverted to gprs speed. However when using gprs on 3g I get max allowed 2g speed i.e 65kbps. (which is pretty decent to enjoy fast internet on unlimited plans (2Gb).
    I can now watch youtube and online tv , make video calls with an ease.

  2. when 3g launch in punjab or chandigarh.

  3. how many days i will use data @ 3g speed. if i will recharge with 98, which validity is 1 month and gives 1 Gb data, so can i use whole data for month @ 3g speed.


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