Airtel gprs plans & Activation methods

Latest gprs plans in Airtel.Today i will share the new gprs plans and activation methods in Airtel.This gprs tariff is updated up to Jan 2012.The popular gprs plans in Airtel are as follows:

1.Daily gprs plan in Airtel @Rs5
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2.Daily gprs plan in Airtel @Rs10
To activate this plan dial *567# & select internet activation.Data usage limit is up to 100MB for 1 day browsing and downloading.
3.Airtel 3 day  gprs plan @Rs15
This plan is the most popular and wide accepted gprs plan in Airtel .Activate it by using Rs 15 paper coupon or flexi recharge
4.Airtel 5 day gprs plan @Rs24
This plan can be activated through flexi recharg.This plan comes with a data usage limit of 200MB for 5 days.
5.Airtel 7 day gprs plan @Rs35
To activate dial *567# and select internet activation and follow accordingly.It comes with a data usage limit of 500MB for 7 days
6.Airtel 14 day gprs plan @Rs60
This plan can be activated through flexi recharge or by dialing *567#.This plan comes with a data usage limit of  1GB for 14 days
7.Airtel 2GB gprs plan @Rs98
This gprs plan in Airtel gives internet browsing & downloading up to 2GB for 1 month with PC connectivity .To activate dial *567# or by flexi recharge

Note:All the above gprs plans in Airtel are subject data usage limits.Post free data usages will be charged as per the latest gprs tariff in Airtel.


  1. Rs 13 unlimited plan is changed to Rs 15 with 500MB data & 3 days validity

  2. Pls suggest how to make my 2g balance zero mb, as i want to shift to 3g,

  3. @Prakash deactivate your 2g gprs account then your 2g data balance will become 0 mb.To Deactivate gprs dial *567# and select gprs deactivation.Then activate 3G by sending 3G to 121

  4. i have a problem., i activated 3g pack on 29 dec and i was having 22mb 2g data that day i was getting good speed but from yesterday i am not getting more that 15 kbps…i think that speed is low because of two data packs one of 2g and another of 3g…so please tell me the procedure to make 2g data zero…i tried several ways to make 2g data zero. I have deactived and again activated 3g but 2G data remains… And i also used net after deactivating 3g but that time also the 3g data was cutting and 2g data remains the same 21.14mb…please help

  5. @Sumit SagarTry deactivating 2g.Dial *567# and select gprs deaction,then activate 3g.

  6. what is flexi recharge?


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